Dear Emma,

Thanks for letting me know how you are. Such a surprise to get a letter. It plopped through the letter box this morning, just as the man with a van called for the parcel (with the rolled up paintings inside I wrapped up yesterday) set for the USA. So they are leaving the UK too !  You are such a long way off, but glad to know you have been catching up with everyone and I am looking forward to hearing what they have to say about their version of events ! ( You will have to let me know if I was right) ………Remember to treat yourself to a new outfit, something to flatter your beautiful hair,  and make the most of room service, while you can. Live in a bit of luxury for heavens sake and don’t feel too guilty. Everyone who stayed behind found a way  of getting along without you, so must not worry about a thing. Please send me an up to date photo of you if you can but make sure you are smiling this time. I will accept nothing less……

Fondest love Rosie

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