Dear Emma,
I know that you have been sprinkling your angel dust about. Your gentle touch seems to have been in every corner. ….
Today, the last best thing that happened was that the cracked screen of an otherwise ok mobile phone was mended quickly and easily, after many frustrating false starts.

Then Janie came round and we talked and talked. God how we talked…..She took home a picking of runner beans and a some figs off the tree and I thought life couldn’t get better, then the bestest thing of all happened, when the computer rattled unexpectedly with a noisy bleeping warning to ‘pick up’ …..

As you know one darling,four year old boy ( who is growing so fast, so fast) started reception this last week and as he is living so far away, I have been unable to do anything for him. My heart had been quietly praying that the sweetheart would get through the week; the very long days, the extra long days as his day starts far too early and the end of the day comes far too late, imprisoned as he is in a strange noisy place that he must get used to. There he waits and waits all day for the day to end so that he can get home again…… but only with and when his Mum and Dad finish their working day too (as teachers) in the same school. Poor darling little man, friendly, sensitive, bravely independent and bewildered, but brave; Oh yes! So brave. Well,I found out today…… that he survived…..when Katie Skyped me and I talked to him, and he to me!. So today, Emma, I have been catching up with life out there and I could see,for myself….that the boy is OK!
Heavenly day!!!
love Rosie

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