Jack’s done Ok!

Dear Emma,

Oh dear, here we go again. Nothing could compare with what you had to deal with  at  Chestnut Avenue. How you thought  life would be sweet  at last…… but the worst  was yet to come. I know you blamed yourself for everything that happened to Jack because  John told Jack and  Lizzie told Jack. Vinnie repeated what John and Lizzie said…. to Jack. And Jack told me. Jack said that your strength ebbed away when your heart had broken in two, after what happened to him.  Jack  told me because he went on  missing you; but even he  never really understood (as far as I could tell)  exactly why  you blamed yourself. He just knew  that what happened to him pulled you to pieces, and  then you were gone!  There wasn’t much to be read  about it in the papers  at the time and I am not sure you would have made sense of it anyway, no one did….so, you just fell to pieces. (You lost so much).

But it was never your fault. And Jack did  fine. Jack’s done OK! I think I will write to Jack and then I will let you know. Meanwhile for heavens sake cheer up!

Much love as ever, Rosie

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