6 thoughts on “bad hair day for moss: a snail’s view

    1. Glad you smiled, it was either ‘bad hair’, or an incy wincy hedgehog!… A very tiny clump of moss appearing to be climbing onto a small wall outside my door. It was something a bit wilder than a hedgehog when I looked closer!


    1. Yes. Everything on here is my stuff. I am not really a photographer. Just started with photos after I started blog round about October. This snap was taken with Kodak play sport. I am a painter first, but I see all this stuff here as a kinda of artwork in progress with a few themes running through, and its deadly serious actually! ( except for the Marina Abramovic video clip on ‘how to drink water’ video of course, under ‘not me’,I didn’t have anything to do with that. Believe me…… its worth a watch!! )


    1. Ha ha! No manipulation at all just a snap in mid morning light (UK) which required ‘me’ to manoeuvre into place to get the view rather than any controls on the camera ( Kodak Sport)like the zoom! The colours are as I found them, Photo went straight to the blog two minutes later. The subject is just one of the bits of moss that is growing outside on a small wall ,three yards from my living room. I would have called it a mohican haircut, but wasn’t sure how to spell that! ( bit of a lazy post really but I like it!) Probably not the last you will see of it as it is still growing fast in all the damp!!


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