6 thoughts on “A brick door called Lily

    1. Not fire! Just time. And its so Gothic! The Big House ‘in the village’ simply had too many doors, and so this door was bricked up…… moons ago!. It leads out directly onto a side road., where everyone passes. The door was probably filled in, originally,simply to evade local taxes back in the day. The House has a very grand main door round the corner.
      But perhaps too many kids had once played nick- knock~ nanny on their way to school and the servants got fed up answering the door so the master got it bricked ! Or may be the servants used it for their own ends in the night and the master put a stop to all that by blocking the door off (so there may have been a bit of terror and misery involved !). Nobody really knows. The ‘Lily’ bit is more recent, but its still old graffiti…. at child level! With no door knocker left to nick- knock-nanny, graffiti is next best thing I guess…… sorry that’s all it is……(or maybe not…..!!!)


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