Lily’s Song

2014 02 18 Doors brick door called Lily jpg sig

‘You thought I did n’t hear
Your words today
But I did hear you
Through this wooden door
I tried to answer you
But you did n’t hear
The words I said
The day I had to go away
And so you shut the door
Through the mists of time
Now things have come quite clear
It’s too late to say
The words you should have heard me say
Through this wooden door
The words I said to you today
The day I had to go away’

Gill McGrath ©  Lily’s song©  originally A Brick door called Lily 21 February 2014  Neigbourhood Door collection
street flowers

So where did she go, why did she go and why has she never really gone away?  And who is ‘you’? See Lily’s carved white name in the bricked up door. Press to enlarge.

11 thoughts on “Lily’s Song

    1. No one really knows about that door /wall but the carved name ‘Lily’ has been there for as long as any one can remember, and is always readable, so I am having my five penny worth here. I don’t want to frighten anyone!

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