Girls with hearts of sunshine!

2014 05 31 single yellow centered peonies jpg sig
The latest round of peonies are blooming (early) in the border! These are singles, and are very light headed so they can hold up their heads with out the droop!……but, they are still a quirky act as they only open up in full sun. That is they have to look directly at the sun in order to open at all! The garden enjoys full sun all day but as I write at 6 pm and with the sun on a slant heading west they have already wrapped up for the day! Press the picture for a close look (while you can) and see the gold they hide!Even the bees are getting angry because the yellow is now unavailable! It was very sunny, earlier when I caught these little beauties by surprise!
(About 150 blooms or more are out there in various stages of open and bud!)

peonies       more peonies      and even more peonies

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