19 thoughts on “a bunny arrangement

  1. Oh, Gill, this is precious! Just precious! I have had so much traffic in my yard that I am posting about it. *giggling* Thank you for this photo that brings smiles to my Heart. Love, Amy


  2. Lovely…
    They really do think that they are invisible by keeping still don’t they, that’s what they have told me anyway.


    1. They said they had talked to you so now I know what they said, but I don’t believe a word they say! Who would believe anyone (especially a rabbit) who believes its invisible?


      1. Magic! no a miracle! now I’m chasing rabbits. In the middle of the night…. they hop!
        Quite a rearrangement Yo! da! day! o! photoshop (that’s not gone thru the generator) 🙂


  3. In my back yard this early evening were three little bunnies barely able to peak up over the grass top…the sun was behind them and showed through their pink ears…


    1. How lovely. I have a few bunny pics of these hiding behind grass. My camera blurs the bunnies ( got more of the grass) so I was seriously delighted to get them together, all in shot. The one at the front has a bit of low sunset light ( which wasn’t very much of a show last night ) on the back of his neck…. but not a lot! They were getting ready to bolt away from their freeze frame pose any second here……. and I forgot to get the sun set at this point! This was the last picture of the evening.


  4. What a great shot! . Riding down to Key West there is a two lane highway with grass growing along the edges of the road leading back into the mangroves and at sunset this area is filled with rabbits in the hundreds that have come out to nibble the grass. It is fun to see so many right out in the open, I love it. Perhaps one day I will get a photo of this phenomenon.


    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. It sounds as if your ‘rabbit place’ is in a beautiful setting. I hope you get the photo and if you do I would love to see it! Rabbits seem to keep there eye on you (I have noticed through the view finder), from quite a distance, and whether or not its fear or fascination they stay transfixed on the spot if you have a camera in your hand! I was still delighted to get three in one spot though! 🙂


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