4 thoughts on “Q: What moved faster than light today?

  1. About 12 inches. Its a very harmless slow worm.(legless lizard) I think a young one! They are protected , so its pretty amazing to find one. There must be a family around somewhere.


  2. I would have run too, even though I know they’re harmless! I didn’t know that they’re protected, but I used to see quite a few as a kid and I haven’t seen once since the seventies, so I’m not surprised.


    1. I know someone who lives in Bodmin who has a family of em in their back yard, under a pile of bricks. Its only because I have seen those I knew what this was. Now I think about it, I hope the one that appeared here yesterday didn’t come back in my handbag ! 🙂 Yes they are protected and you are not allowed to sell them by law!. I am not sure what people would do with them. if bought or what the demand is though ! Did you know they have eyelids and blink, unlike snakes? (says the book)


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