The bird is taking a bath somewhere else!

long shot of pigeonMy pigeon sits in some other place.
I could see him from the road!
And from where he sat
He looked and looked
And sat and sat and sat……….
(He did n’t even wave!)
2014  06 08  Pidgeon with attitude jpg sig
2014  Lady no shave under her arms jpg sig(I know he can wave! He does so regularly in our garden. Here’s one from the other day. )

Diary. Sunday:
It’s OK! I missed the sun rise today, but I still walked along the road a bit later to catch the breeze and the ‘full-on’ sun, in a cloudless sky over the fields, but  I got distracted by something on the other side of the road in a place which looks over the view I am in. When I zoomed in on the camera it looked like the pigeon from my garden sitting there as large as life and…. he had taken our (his) bird bath with him! And he wasn’t going to take a blind bit of notice of me……..

Or from where I stood the sun behind me was so bright I guess he couldn’t see me! GM

2014 06 08 Blinding sun jpg sig






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