5 thoughts on “Friday 13 and a full moon tonight. (next one 2049!)

  1. Too much cloud and rain here too, Gill. Very disappointing. I am also seeing things both in my gardens and with the birds that are really concerning me. Things are very strange. Thought I would throw that out on Friday the 13th. xx Amy


    1. Hi Amy. It was thunder and lightening all night here. Pretty dramatic lights in the sky!. All is well!!! but today the sun hasn’t turned up either (yet) Gill 🙂


      1. It turned VERY cool here, still cloudy, AND I see Grackles flocking. Excuse me? Say WHAT? Whoa! Yep, all true. It’s in the 50’s here, refreshing yes, but um, this is SUMMER. My flowers are coming to bloom very fast, after a long delay, and when open, die down too fast, not lasting. Just wow. I am going nuts trying to get my Roses photographed because their life cycle is so short. I have some that change colors, and instead of doing so over a matter of days, they are doing so in ONE day. So, today is jeans and sweatshirt day. At least I will be comfortable (hopefully) when I go on my photo shoot. Have a good day, Gill. Love, Amy


      2. Have a good day, Amy. The rain and the thunder and lightening lit up the sky in varying degrees constantly all night and put an end to the otherwise long lasting single peonies and the open roses. I am glad I did a bit of photographing yesterday. Nothing left today! . Although I guess other plants and things in bud are OK and liked the rain. Take care. love Gill xx 🙂


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