sunset warns rain: but it won’t stop play

2014  06 28 Sunset through storm clouds jpg sigThe dark clouds mixed with curious pink last evening.

A warning. Of rain bursts in bucket loads today……

It will rain, as it always does to make Wimbledon stop, start, start stop… the tennis…and by a miracle…. the roof of glass will move  and tennis will  carry on, so lazy TV sports and home birds sit and look.

Rain, it will burst!… as it always does on Glastonbury; to make a mud bath, a unique summer pudding, set to music, in a field………

But before the warning up there in the sky; that summer has taken yet another twisted turn; for sitting in…… or out…..….

I, had in the soil, planted, just yesterday, some leaves, with strong roots born earlier in a sheltered place, warmed by a thing these tender green young things knew of, knew, that it glowed through,beyond, the glass above them…. (The sun)

Now these charming up starts sit in the rain soaked border AS IF SET FREE… now wallowing in a crazy night time wet, care free, without even knowing they are flowers yet!

They have grown I do believe in the rainfall overnight

Perkily they must have sat content just then, without glass, looking for the stars and devil moon (who even troubles me), who hides and looks and looks and hides.

Not quite the same as looking for the sun they already know….

Who hides here, out of sight unsettled, behind, under glass, who, waits ready to warm hearts and feet again…..and  to dry washing soon enough….

Diary. Gill McGrath. June 28
Gill McGrath©

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