5 thoughts on “By 8 that cloud had turned to this…..

  1. “Gemitum columbinum vertit, auro”
    According to Google translate that is “The moaning pigeon turns to gold”
    Another beautiful photo Gill…
    Pigeons are the only bird I know of that get stuck in trees. In the tree just outside my back garden you hear them flapping flummoxed back and forth inside desperately trying to find a way out…
    Ahhh, bless them.


    1. Thank you Mark! Thank you for the Latin. I will have to get those words engraved by the back door…. that’s where they seem to turn colour! Your pigeons activities sound like the high jinx that go on round here. Not sure they are trying to get away though! They march in time up and down the lines, flap about a bit and then repeat the process again and again! Relieved only when they turn gold when they face the sun set!


  2. I just love that line! “I think the pigeon, still moaning out there may have turned to gold!” I can just see it. And what a lively vibrant sky of searing neon. What a moment, so well captured in words and photograph. Marvelous post indeed! Cheers,

    Autumn Jade


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