Avis vigiliae: A Golden Bird sits on the line…

2014 08 19 mushroom palace, robed faerie kings and a horse jpg sig
….in purple lit shadows
While the Faerie caravan moves on
Towards some new stopping place.
Dressed up in robes and tiny crowns
These funny flying things
Do hide their wings
So they can pull their toadstool on its course….
Then dragging slow a sort of worn out faerie horse!
Gill McGrath©

6 thoughts on “Avis vigiliae: A Golden Bird sits on the line…

  1. More Latin = Showing Off…
    Latinius = Ostentationem
    What would I do without Go-ogle translate, first of all it said that it was esperanto but then when I suggested Latin it suggested Bird Wakefulness, which is rather poetic.
    Excellent post Gill.


    1. Hi Mark Thank you for that. Isn’t Google translate a boon! I put in ‘Bird watches’ and got Avis vigiliae so used that…… and it also means(as you point out) Bird Wakefulness! . So two words for one! Vigiliae – a kind of Tesco BOGOFF then! I wonder what Google would make of that. I didn’t try just yet! Have a lovely day! (I hope this message is entirely yours by the way!)


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