9 thoughts on “its called bird napping

  1. Of all the hundreds of thousands of birds I’ve seen in this world, I have never seen this! I’ve seen birds groggy, or they look like they’re sleeping but it’s too dark; but never a face-on-the-chest in full daylight sleepy head. Excellent capture Gill! 🙂


    1. Thank you Jet! He was just sat there ! And was still there by the time I grabbed the camera. Birds are a bit of a worry here. There are no resident cats at all close by so the birds have a general sense that its OK to flaunt their stuff even when sleeping! :)X


    1. Thank you kindly. I realize now how lucky I was as he did wait for me to run for the camera, and how cheeky he was being.The hedge he is in is outside a kitchen window and on view!


  2. I’m always anxious about keeping bird feeders clean as mould forming after damo weather can poison, but I’m guessing that’s not the case here! Lovely pic, Gill.


    1. Hi Chris. No! He is OK! and I don’t feed birds, they may get the odd crust ( with any remains picked up by evening before rats get the scent) but nothing regular or specialized. Actually, I am beginning to believe in magic. This little bird was simply sitting in the sun snoozing, with another bird doing the same thing (I have another photo of the two of them snoozing together, but thought that was a bit much) in a recently cut hedge outside one of the kitchen windows. There are always birds flitting about in there. You know they are there, because the hedge clicks when you walk past. With the hedge cut all new a few days ago (far too late …..it should have been cut in June, I think ) the twiggy climbing frame is now exposed. These particular flying things have absolutely no fear. There are no cats so they are still doing what they have always been doing behind the leaves in front of my nose! Anyway there they were; through the window sitting in the midday sun and I took the photo! Now for the magic…. Two people who take a lot of birdie shots and travel far and wide for them have said here that they have never caught a bird ‘napping’….. (Wow! I am knocked sideways)…… I didn’t even know at the time of writing the title that the pose you see is actually called bird napping. I made it up! I had even considered putting a silent ‘k’ in front of the n……. and was more amazed at the feather detail and the claws which show up by pressing the pic [ it’s good to talk … thanks for listening!]


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