14 thoughts on “in a blue light. by a clock

  1. Thank you for the follow..I read your “about me” section and I love the attitude. Your photos and prose are really amazing. I wish I could write poetry, but I only take photos of nature. Nice to meet you.. Michelle


    1. If you are ever interested, I have a small nature meme that gets posted Monday nights called Nature Notes. It has been about 5 years now for the meme, but is nice with bloggers from all over and I have learned a lot about other countries and their love of nature from it..


    2. Thank you for your kind comments. I don’t set out to write poetry, I just describe the photo or picture in my head, the feelings I had when I took the photo etc in a more or less balanced way and sometimes I get it right (possibly). I think some people go by the rules, which fly over my head a bit! Although I admire those who do go by the rules…I tend to make up my own! You have a brilliant blog!

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    1. Hi there Suchled,
      The answer is yes and no!
      I don’t know anything about using filters at the point of taking a photo or anything much about how cameras function. On purpose really. Although I am also a bit stupid about such things. I rely entirely on as an artistic approach( I am first a painter) by selecting the view before hand and trying to get as clear shot photographically within the chosen view. This is often in the same place, it goes like a series and it takes revisits. It is all very deliberate and I don’t ‘snap'( not very often!) I have been following the mist (trees) on some particular horizons and trying to expose it more clearly in nearly every photo I do….. as best I can and as best as the horizon lets me.

      Here the horizon was a lot mistier than it appears , so I put it through edit and turned up the exposure level in order to expose the horizon better,,, hence it increased natural blue light all over. I like working to a reduced pallet and this approach to getting a picture suits me. I really do not intend to change anything I see, I just want the viewer to see what I am looking at, no complications! The addition of words is not meant to be any more than a description of what ever it is in the frame, to help the process. It is the point of my blog. (My quest is always to show ‘Emma’ things) …..! Sometimes I leave the mist alone……(That’s enough, and quite a lot , about you know who!!!)


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