9 thoughts on “Moon. in the middle of the night. by the door. a star. and a pole

  1. Gill: We are so fortunate to have that quiet time in the middle of the night, where the stars rule, and encourage, albeit sleepily, peaceful pondering. Last night, (sorry, this morning!) that would have been Jupiter there above the moon – more fodder to contemplate our place of being. M 🙂


    1. Oh thank you so much.I am delighted to know it was Jupiter….. so clearly there <3. Amazing thing this moon. It sometimes seems to be waiting for me..like this morning (night) with a light cloud trying to edge in but never quite managing it so there was plenty of time to take the photo with that little star on guard all the way through! Thank you so much for identifying it for me. Gill 🙂


    1. Ha ha ha !!! There should be a 4 o’clock club somewhere, other than the kitchen and a kettle. If I see a clear moon I am more likely to get out there than if it is the summer (but not for too long!) Sounds rather crazy I know!…..


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