11 thoughts on “sun. behind a purple veil. tonight

  1. Beautiful deep colours, well captured Gill. Way, way up here the sun doesn’t rise until… ermm, end of February; so the chance of seeing a beautiful sky is left in the hands of the Moon, Stars and Planets who do quite a good job most of the time.
    I think that perhaps if I followed your lead and started to take ‘Angel Dust’ I would see glorious colours like the ones in your pic all the time, but it seems to be quite an expensive habit to have and allegedly; it is really hard to find.
    Thanks for sharing these colours with an underprivileged sun starved northerner like myself.


    1. Heh! You think I did something to the photo don’t you?….. to get such magnificent colours. Well you are wrong! Except for tipping the camera to the point of darkening the view when taking the picture.It isn’t edited but I do think tipping the camera works a bit like adding a dark lens or turning up the exposure( as far as I understand that and don’t do). The sky stretches because of the tipping. So the purple may look a bit over the top and it does look somewhat enhanced simply because of the angle I held the camera to squeeze out what was there naturally in the sky. People in the neighborhood also did a bit of whooping out there as the sky changed the light generally. The clouds were simply unbelievable that night.

      I am extremely pleased you seem to appreciate this photo, but I think you laugh!!!!!.

      If you meant you actually liked the photo thank you kindly Mark ❤


      1. No, I don’t think you did anything to alter the picture. I do honestly like it, but it seems that I am cursed to be seen as someone who is laughing all the time. It seems I can’t win, no matter what I say.
        I think I know what you mean about the tipping. It sounds like an exposure thing. In exposure settings you can choose what part of the frame the camera should use for exposure. You can choose the whole frame or just a small dot in the middle. When it’s set for the dot then it responds to however bright it is in that place, so when you alter the angle and the dot gets moved to a brighter or darker place the exposure responds accordingly.
        I know that you must have a reasonably good camera because there are certain pictures that I have seen, such as the caterpillar and a few of the robin that have impressed me as regards the clarity and quality. I know that my camera would not be able to produce such a sharp image as the ones that yours has.
        The only thing that I am laughing at on this post is the use of the tag ‘Angel Dust’, which if you Google you will see why and then perhaps my original comment about Angel Dust will make sense. But I am merely laughing at my thoughts and not at you, perhaps all that ‘Angel Dust’ is just making you paranoid.

        I’m looking forward to seeing the picture of the giraffoise.



      2. Thanks Mark for replying. I am paranoid at the moment, shouldn’t have been pressing buttons today. I am so sorry . I know that you re far too nice to laugh in a rotten way at anyone or anything ( especially about photos) Its me. I hope I don’t come across too mean, because I don’t think I am.. I’ve sat here feeling like an idiot. You have a charming wit. Never think otherwise. I am sorry. And really really thanks for replying. I feel tons better. Giraffoise will follow soon promise..


    2. Hi Mark .
      I have put a fairly passable pencil line shape drawing of your Giraffoise (mark 2 version ) as I think I (so far) visualize it…. right at the end of the field ( at the moment ) above the comment box …. for you, right above where you are actually. It probably needs to get to a 4th or 5th + version before it looks as if it could live and before I actually feel satisfied with it, enough to properly colour it in!.( I started so I’ll finish. Its kind of got me now and I said I would, Then….You know how you say you keep photo shopping and there is a moment you have to stop or wreck or abandon… I am not there yet.) I would have put it directly on your digitalis post on your blog ( because it is your Giraffoise ) but I thought the monster which pulls a face here would feed it and keep it safe meanwhile. Let me know if you catch up with it . I hope you get this.


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