day after day. day after day…nothing moves [ Robin] [3 pics]

11.00 am

By the window now……
Waiting, waiting for a spark to light the sky
Beyond this new horizon
Framed in familiar layers of pink and purple
Hanging wet in misted lines
Another new dark day
While far off stars still beckon hidden in the blue……

………Just then my robin flew down and began to take his bath 11.07am

Gill McGrath© singing diamonds
[press for the detail eyes,wet feathers,diamonds 3 pics] 
Bird on the wire in a blue mist2014 11 27 Robin in diamonds jpg sig2014 11 27 that robin again jpg sig
(For 3 minutes the bird strutted his stuff- 30 pictures in sequence- everyone a gem!)

18 thoughts on “day after day. day after day…nothing moves [ Robin] [3 pics]

    1. Well thank you Chris!! I am thinking of you and all your unpacking and…. wow! what an exciting pedigree your new home has! The house will be writing for you soon! Best of luck and good wishes … and plenty of shelves to you and yours…..! 🙂

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      1. Thank you, Gill (sorry, misnamed you in a fit of distraction). I’ll certainly kerp everyone posted in hopefully an entertaining and not too egotistical manner.


      2. I don’t mind being called Emma and I do not reprimand anyone who does! And looking forward to seeing you flaunt your ‘resettlement’ in style please!….it all sounds very wonderful! Gill


    1. I am sure I will fight through it all ha ha! It (the weather) really is darned miserable.The amazing thing is … the view…. the horizon…. across the dip at the end of the road- it is far enough away and high enough up (we are perched at about the same level this side) for it always to look pink and blue thru’ to purple and it is rather lovely, basically. It occurred to me some time ago that we must look from there as if we are sitting in a mist too…..If you know what I mean. Now that really gets to me….!!!!! Sometimes the dip in the middle is the only bit in mist (top clear) and that makes it look as if you can shake hands with the other side. The view by default has come a bit of a thing or subject for me….it creates a sad face all on its own!

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      1. Sometimes – when we were very young – there seemed to be a real need to be cross and grumpy, when our parents had no idea what was the matter and a concentration of our mind seemed to set us apart from the silly people who didn’t understand that only we knew the deepest truths of mankind. Winter is like that – it makes you concentrate on the hugeness of existence.


      2. Especially looking out at it all with the central heating on. Actually we can get cut off here quite easily when it snows. The roads and pavements are at at an angle and not maintained brilliantly so getting about can get to be zilch, impossible and dangerous. A bit of a mist at the moment is a doddle really!


    1. Thanks so much Janet. This one view has become a bit of an obsession with me. It is taken over and over again from a precise point and I have found it actually changes color every time ( I don’t fiddle with the result) and that’s for a year now! A rather blisteringly huge set! I hardly shift the camera and prevailing mists and lines,alter the emphasis and clarity of trees etc as does available natural light. Honestly… it goes from green yellow white to blue pink and purple. Its my secret rainbow! The camera is actually behaving like a brush at work here….nothing technical going on.


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