8 thoughts on “FIRE EXIT DO NOT OBSTRUCT (zoom in)

    1. Maybe. This picture is outside the city bank. There are always bikes in the way…. prohibited… just there. So if the grating behind the iron fence is the fire escape I just wouldn’t want to get caught in a fire in that cellar. So much iron to get in the way. Biking is very popular here in this old town! And they always expect the world to stop for them. The rest fear getting run over by them. I would think people in Oz are much more sensible and are likely to be messing about in the waves,minding their own business…. and sky diving and playing with crocodiles….. than doing daft things like parking bikes in daft places. We only do it because we don’t have a lot else to do here!


      1. No! We do lots of daft things as well. We even vote for climate change deniers. Anyway What little old town are we talking about. Just ‘cos I wonder if I have been there. Don’t say if you don’t want to.


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