12 thoughts on “purple over purple

    1. This Gunnera leaves are so huge in the summer you can hardly see the water. Now the water where it lives is all exposed. Old crunchy leaves are covering the heart of the plant . I hope to take a picture of it safely under snow before long.

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    1. The summery Gunnera is now a huge pile of huge dead crunchy leaves in the centre of its unique bog pond. I photographed the whole aspect expecting to put it here in all its simple glory (the leaves looked surreal like old very dark orange beech leaves to me in a larger landscape ) But that looked a bit like a trick photo and a bit boring. I am a bit fed up with beech leaves so I was glad to notice the (exposed) water (usually covered up with the gunnera) doing things ….. just there it seemed to revive some of its old self in the reflection. That kind of interested me! In the event colours changed from bog brown to a sort of purple…… ( purple turns easily into shades of brown ( and vice versa) in and out of shadows… first, you have to find it). So was pleased with this rather murky photo! Found the veins…..and so glad you appreciate ❤ thanks

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