Deer in the City

December 8th Diary
8.00pm Took the photo of the sun, looking like the night…
9.00am Town Covered Market. now. Before the madding crowd…… two deers, on show, soft light
2014 12 08 who cares jpg sig
what a way to end
just hanging
Nearly walked into the fur
looking at the chocolates
head in air
dripping blood
and no one there
2014 12 08 Ragged  Morning 8.30 am  jpg sig GillMcGrath©
[posted 10th December]


2014 11 04 a place for thinking poetry jpg sig

the city  ‘A place to dream’ press the above link


14 thoughts on “Deer in the City

    1. No ! No! No! Ha Ha that’s Oh deer! and how I nearly walked into them (honestly)…… Then I looked up and there were a lot of headless chickens in a row hanging there. Looked down …. blood…..( enlarge the photo its all there) I had gone into the market for chocolates……(read again!! Do not worry about me!) [ I don’t eat a great deal of meat but it all looked a bit of a greedy Dickensian Christmas to me; quite suddenly with me some ragamuffin interloper , so a sad face on the pen was easy] Still…The weird sky earlier did look like a side of deer……(Happy Christmas!) Bet you wish you hadn’t said ‘Oh dear’ now…. sorry to go on and on! 🙂


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