11 thoughts on “Something to dance to. lavender mist. soft light

    1. That view is from an upstairs window. I follow the light changes from there and have now quite a lot of pics in ‘a series’ everyone a bit different colour wise ( no edits that’s my challenge) . Have done this for about 9 months now and have found the winter light comes up with more air colour than in the summer. Cold seem to define the lines of trees etc . It has become a bit of a thing with me! The summer plays with the yellows a bit more but that has more to do with the grass and what the farm over there plants and the leaf cover….. plus time of day. So far my camera sort of understands me on this one! It now seems like a bit of a long winded rainbow color collection,very pale but all the colors have thrown themselves up at that point ! By the way I will let you know about the ‘orange sun’ I will have an intense concentrated effort looking through the raw images in the next few days!.


    1. I watched them grow through that mist looking out of the upstairs window. First I noticed a line of pale purple/indigo sitting on one of those telephone wires still visible against white air/mist and I actually saw the trees growing on the line! Then the line vanished due to general soft air quality and the lower trees began to emerge like flowers growing under the top horizon line….. I actually felt like I was snapping/ catching a bit of magic. I took about 20 odd photos as it happened and feel rather privileged to have seen it. Anyway I just had to go round to the wider part of fields to see the other bits where it happens( always some air mist in places) and took a whole lot more of the wide horizon alongside…..I ignored the sun today which was spreading long shadows light purple on the lightest of brown fields ! (Yeah!) The camera picked it all up exactly right, to so now I have 246 pictures of the whole ‘event’ all crazily wonderful. I can’t help living near such a place at the right height ! Morning light is like nothing else! I am really a bit mean putting out just this one picture so on grey days I will filter some of the rest through here! Thanks for appreciating Andrew


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