Why a pigeon moans [ originally ‘why a bird moans’]

Why do Pigeons always moan?
I kind of think I know.
because one bird told me all aglow

in this Pigeon Post I found
by the lines……

…a small tear stained note
in feathery hand……

(You don’t have to believe)but

….this is what it said:

‘Hear me moaning
On the roof again….
My tears are falling fast
It wasn’t meant to be like this
I thought my chicks would fly away
To see the stars
To feel the rain
And then one day
Come flying back to me again
With pretty finds
And chirpy smiles
But they flew off
Too fast too soon
Soared for miles and miles and miles-
And they hardly turned their heads again
So now
I’ve been left forever
On my own cloud of rain
Barely to recover
Barely able to smile again
It’s why I sit here moaning by your bedroom window on the wire
…Oookay To be honest- all the lines around your house…
It’s here I dry my tear stained feathers
And where I turn me into gold
By the Western evening fire’

Golden Bird
2014 09 16 Golden bird on the edge of a sunset jpg sig

If I don’t turn to toast first!

Don’t you just love ’em!

Gill McGrath©[A follow on from Jenny’s Fairies©] originally published  here as ‘why a bird moans ‘In touch with Emma’ September 17 2014

9 thoughts on “Why a pigeon moans [ originally ‘why a bird moans’]

      1. Blackbirds have a wonderful song but we are more likely to get the crows pigeons and starlings in great gangs round here in the morning. Blackbirds more noticeable later when the gangs move off but there is a chance that a robin might flit around for a bit in the fig tree, regardless He is so often there. He has a distinctive voice worth listening for.


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