abstract : wall. asphalt. in light particular.

2014 12 16  yellow light brown  shadows on  grey asphelt   jpg sig
it’s two shades of brown shadow
in orange lamp light
on a grey asphalt footpath by a stone wall
so it looks like a step there
even up close
in this really strange light
Wow!… it’s magic

Nah! not magic
it’s just a mauve shadow created by light
showing new dimensions of color
on a flat surface altered by night…..

Nah!not quite
It’s TWO, two shades of brown shadow..
one almost purple just there….
Put in place by TWO differing lights
beaming onto the one dull asphalt surface
on a night path
adding an easy dimension where
orange beams play
tease and fight
casting a new step
one here
and another just there
not to climb
more to trip
next to the wall
It’s not magic at all….
….get up off that floor!

When you count in the night… take care with those shadows!

Gill McGrath© photo taken yesterday evening. in free but altered light. innocence and experience. Ode to Blake

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