lazy days…..

2015 08 15 birds in flight DSCN8518.JPG Sig

2015 08 15 mist morning DSCN8620.jpg sig

2015 08 15 blackbird DSCN8524.jpg sig

Now the morning wakes
to a silent chorus
bird song gone
the blackbird
without a care
just one
in some far off tree
barely heard now
breaks into a moan ~ Gill McGrath© August 15

[ a silence fills the  first  morning air  now that territorial lines are less defined and bird families are mostly grown… although they still gather in large numbers all day, for the fast food waiting for them at their usual eating places]

why do pigeons moan?

12 thoughts on “lazy days…..

    1. Looks like smoke but there are a couple of places; that being one of them at the side of a cow field….. where you can see the mist roll…. when the weather changes from cold to warm….. soon disappears.

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  1. My first thought on seeing the photo of the “blackbird” was “crow” as we have millions of them in my part of town…. but after checking with Wikipedia I see they are actually two distinctly different birds.. the blackbird is much smaller than a crow…. which is obviously why four and twenty of them would fit into a pie!


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