First day of February

A dove catching a little bit of sun near the house today….
205 01 24 18 which way  jpg sig
….some ornamental grass, brown and leathery and waving in the wind has been identified, by him, as something useful. He was seen in the garden pulling it up today in the sun shine. Almost like spring!
2015 01 31 waving maiden grass jpg sig
By 4 o’clock the birds were gathering in their latest favorite tree waiting for the evening sun, against the pastel sky.

2015 01 24 25 golden bird logo jpg sig

Yet by  4.30  the birds were gone. A quick  flurry of snow came sweeping  down switching off  the  sun now hiding behind the grey. Silence.

2015 01 31 sun in the snow jpg sig

And just as suddenly twenty minutes later the light was on again……… for a little bit.

2015 02 01 sunset tonight jpg sig

so.february 1. still winter

Gill McGrath© Diary


13 thoughts on “First day of February

      1. …. I just checked accuweather, which I find pretty reliable for this area. Going to be -4 tonight – maybe too cold to snow, but I wouldn’t rule it out. Met office says heaviest snow in UK comes between 0 and minus 2, with cold ground.


  1. I wonder where the birds find shelter when it snows…. our Southern California birds don’t know how lucky they are. Lovely photos.


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