rain. snow. a little bit of sun

2015 02 23 1 720 rain jpg sig
first thing
to see
a tree
through rain
on a window
2015 02 23 1 724 pigeon on pink and blue  jpg sig
the pigeon outside
the pink and blue air
no sun anywhere~
2015 02 23 3 718 clouds pink and blue jpg sig
the deep blue cloud
hanging on a line
of little indigo trees
2015 02 23 5 721  farmhouse  morning jpg sig 2
out of view
in falling snow ~ by 10
2015 02 23 6 10.00 farmhouse same view jpg

2015  02 23 snow scene  end of road   jpg sig

2015 02 23 indigo jpg sig
~ then at 4
the sun decides to shine
where the deep blue cloud
is still glued to the trees
now a pretty shade of green!
2015 02 23 evening 521  jpg sig
then at 5.21~ just in time
a special little plate
of marshmallows
for tea
Gill McGrath© so sooo cold all day. February 23

16 thoughts on “rain. snow. a little bit of sun

  1. Whilst it was cold enough this day to warrant men being laid off work at the brass works foundry I feel sure your words and visual art would improve their mood of immeasurably!


  2. I can’t think of anyone else who could make raindrops on a window look so interesting! Images like these make you look again with fresh eyes at everything around you. Thank you!


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