20 thoughts on “squeezing the lemon

  1. Such a springy, cheerful post. The lemons are so inviting, I want to reach out and pick one. Ooh, and I really like the last one with the vibrant crocus, expressive light, and the busy bee. Great captures, Gill.


    1. The lemons were in a warm green house ( not mine) and looked very large and juicy and very out of season and very out of place in a spring sort of way really but I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of them when I saw them . It made me want more yellow! The crocus are huge ones which grow in sight from my kitchen window and are an unbelievable purple with sunny insides ! As soon as the sun is out the bees are swarming round them ! Thanks for your appreciation Jet! Have a glorious week end ❤

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  2. Thanks again for such beautifully sunny images…..The lemons remind me of reclining in a hammock underneath lemons growing on a trellis at Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast. One of my all time favourite places:)
    Have a fantastic weekend. Janet.x


  3. Your photos are a signpost of the hope of Spring! We still have snow, but this week the sun was out, for a few days without ChemTrails being sprayed to prevent it. The snow has melted here and there and the ice and snow, on the sidewalks are slowly disappearing. Spring is coming. Looks like your weather is more like summer. Those lemons look good enough to harvest, and eat. Lucky you! 😇


    1. Well thank you very much. It isn’t quite like summer, but it is looking like Spring most days now. The Lemon is in a warm green house and looks wonderful through the window from the inside and outside and is ready to eat! Sorry to hear about all your snow and I hope all the yellow bits here help to warm you ! Gill ❤

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      1. More snow melted today, so the sun is doing its job. I saw cob webs on the grass where the snow is receding and it reminded me of someone in Northern California having had white web particulates sprayed on them too.


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