10 thoughts on “she sits and guards sticks….

    1. Actually just noticed where the nest building is happening and I am trying to get a few shots. That must have been the first stick just here. Its about three hours later and she is (or he is) building at quite a pace in a hedge just outside our window! If they turn out alright I will post one later. Otherwise its a fail for me!

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    1. So far the nest is located in a hedge in good view from the dining area. I think a pigeon nest is a rough package of sticks. Enough went into the hedge all day yesterday! O:-) 😀


  1. How very exciting to have a nest in sight! The dozing pigeon with nesting materials is really wonderful (and most unusual). I, like the others, look forward to a nest. Sometimes the nest doesn’t work out for any number of unknown reasons, we shall see…. Many thanks Gill. 😀 😀


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