14 thoughts on “looks like a place to sit

  1. Beautiful and rather poignant image Gill, the loner in the mist, the group on the wire. Lovely thought provoking images.


  2. I don’t see an email addy so I will ask you here. I have been asked by my church to run a blog for them. Would you mind if I use some of your photos to add a scripture to for use on this new church blog?


    1. Hi Andy, I would be pleased and honoured that you would like to use some of my work! There is a copyright notice which applies to all my work which you can read by pressing the link at the bottom of any page (on the left) here. Basically it says that I catalogue and keep track of where my work is, so, if you want a photo please first run it individually past me to check any prevailing issues which may prevent use of the material for whatever reason. This should cover any old or new and particular issues if and as they arise particularly as my earlier work here on the blog was catalogued but not signed when posted originally (as is the later work). I will need to fix this issue on a one to one basis beforehand if any are selected for use by you. Having said that, all photos agreed for use from my site and placed on your associated site, will need to be given full credit with my name Gill McGrath, the original title of the post and my site name gillmcgrath.com displayed; and accompanied by a link to my site [In touch with Emma] and the specific post. The copyright and ownership of the material remaining mine (This all looks a bit heavy I know, but it does say Yes Please use! and the best of luck with your new site)! Gill
      (There should be a ‘contact form’ link on my ‘about‘ page, by the way which gets through to my email and is quite a useful quick link)

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