morning casting the violets

in the air
in the wind
and through the trees ~

2015 03 31 528 6 trees violet jpg sig 6.28am

2015 03 31 536 6 violet  and wind in the air jpg sig 6.36am

2015 03 31 536 6 violet in the air jpg sig 6.36 am

2015 03 31 618 7 violet and wind and jpg sig 7.18am

2015 03 31 628 7 violet in the sky today jpg sig 7.28am

2015 03 31 630 7violet and daisy jack flying jpg sig 7.30am
so busy looking up there
nearly stepped on these….Gill McGrath©

…Wind and rain all night
now sunny
high winds
birds diving
and gliding
[promising a beautiful day]
March 31 9.30am GMCG©

8 thoughts on “morning casting the violets

    1. Just happens! I was so surprised to see the violets. There were also white violets by the way! I thought the sky line was more pink just there but camera came up purple ……. So it was all a bit of a gift. Hadn’t expected anything this early the night was one big storm!


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