6 thoughts on “found in the blue with violets

  1. This is a quiz.
    Q 1 What is the collective noun for Ladybirds.
    A .I can’t wait to tell you. It is a loveliness of ladybirds.
    Q2. Did you know that already.
    A. I only found out yesterday and there you are with one.


    1. Answer A) That is amazing! (That you found that out yesterday and one arrived here!
      B) What a lovely name ‘ loveliness of ladybirds’
      C) answer to question 2…..No I didn’t know that
      D) Thanks for letting me know
      and a question back….. How could I have lived so long without knowing that ? What with that song kids sing ‘Lady bird Lady bird fly away home…..’ and it being the only insect I didn’t mind picking up and letting it crawl all over my hands back in the day! ❤


  2. Beautiful Pictures, thank you very much and happy weekend Gill McGrath….💗💗💗

    Do you not like my posts on my blog? …. 😦


  3. I love the name “ladybird.” In the U.S. we more commonly call them ladybugs. Today marks the beginning of my new vocabulary change from ladybug to ladybird. Yay! Thanks Gill. 🙂


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