morning ~ by the pole ~ quietly uncurling

noticed them this morning….
2015 05 09 3 lily of the valley DSCN4055 jpg sig
lily of the valley still sleeping

2015 05 09 4  fern unfurling DSCN4060 jpg sig
fern unwinding

2015 05 09 5 lily of the valley DSCN4067 jpg sig
lily of the valley breathing

2015 05 09 7  peony baby DSCN4007 jpg sig
peony smiling ( with tears of joy)

2015 05 09 6 Aqualegia DSCN4069 jpg sig
aquilegia …..the first one (of many)

2015 05 09  1 little trees  DSCN3994 jpg sig
hardly noticed the little trees

2015 05 09 2 pole showing choppy sky  DSCN3983 jpg sig
dancing round the maypole

Gill McGrath© 6 am. May 9

(Waved to Charlie!) Forces of Nature

17 thoughts on “morning ~ by the pole ~ quietly uncurling

  1. As always, Gill, exquisite. My how that peony has grown; the ferns: one of my favorite plants in their ancient shape and existence, and here, unwinding in their natural rhythm. But ah, the lily of the valley, breathing as you say, and sharing its petite excellence. Thank you so much. 😀


    1. Thanks so much Jet . The garden is catching up just here at last. Slightly colder here ( though a sun spot) we are higher than most places round here where ferns and peonies and lily of the valley are well out. ❤

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