17 thoughts on “frantic bird activity. tonight. bedtime

  1. Love the title, drew me in, and your photos are delightful, Gill. I found that first dove photo (sleeping alone on the post stump) mesmerizing, surreal, and so very artful. 😀


    1. Those two birds were right outside a window and bathing in a piece of the sunset glimmering on the pole. They seem to do this as some sort of ritual knowing they glow! The weather has been very changeable but they seem to snatch the moment for this little display where ever the sun opens up, however short the few moments . Lovely to know you enjoyed! Gill ❤

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  2. Very cool! gGill! I have a mama robin sitting on her nest on my deck rafter. I hoping to take a few photos of her and her chick when hatched.


    1. These were so easy really. The birds are digging up worms and the thrush is devastating the snail population at the moment and then pretend they cant see me. The pigeons light up in what ever sun settles on the pole in the evening.This doesnt happen all year. …. but settling posts round the house are catching the late sunset glow nicely at the moment. They just sit there posing. Thanks for your appreciation Janet 🙂


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