sheep are pink clouds

2015 08 23 sheep are clouds DSCN9576.jpg sigyou must go  see what Laura’s boy said about sheep……..

2015 08 23 skyDSCN9588 jpg sig

2015 08 23 sky DSCN9595.JPG sig

2015 08 23 sky sheep DSCN9584.jpg sigThe  sun had been beaming gold shadows on everything just minutes before, but over the opposite fields the sky was turning pink. Then we noticed the new sheep, legless in the high grass. I thought of the little boys words… this post is specially for  Laura and her grandson  x (link)

Gill McGrath© photographs taken  August 23 sunset

10 thoughts on “sheep are pink clouds

    1. Hi Julie ! Thanks so much for going over to see Laura’s sheep clouds. I thought that was magic. I have always thought of cotton clouds but woolly ones seem so much better! 9 and legs) I was so surprised to see sheep in the field near by a couple of nights ago and all that pink stuff hanging over them I just had to take the photo! Sheep haven’t been around just there for a few weeks and these sheeo could have only just arrived there that afternoon and were actually quite surprised to see me! <3.

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  1. I enjoyed this peaceful, dreamy post, Gill. I really liked Laura’s post too, and the conversation with her grandson. Sheep are so calming to watch. Thank you. 🙂


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