sheep are pink clouds

2015 08 23 sheep are clouds DSCN9576.jpg sigyou must go  see what Laura’s boy said about sheep……..

2015 08 23 skyDSCN9588 jpg sig

2015 08 23 sky DSCN9595.JPG sig

2015 08 23 sky sheep DSCN9584.jpg sigThe  sun had been beaming gold shadows on everything just minutes before, but over the opposite fields the sky was turning pink. Then we noticed the new sheep, legless in the high grass. I thought of the little boys words… this post is specially for  Laura and her grandson  x (link)

Gill McGrath© photographs taken  August 23 sunset

finding the flowers…..

Under a bright blue sky at about 9.30 am this morning I nosed round the garden to see if there was anything new and found the first rose in the hedge where two birds are busy flying in and out feeding their noisy babies – then one  deep pink little flower pushing through from next door, quite close to the rose!

1 2015 05 30  927 sky DSCN7102 jpg sig

2 2015 05 30 929 Aqualegia everywhere DSCN7108 jpg sig

3 2015 05 30  933 aquilegia DSCN7121 jpg sig

4 2015 05 30 1010 flower 1010 DSCN7131 jpg sig

5 2015 05 30 1016 flag  DSCN7140 jpg sig

6 2015 05 30  1018 rose  DSCN7128 jpg sig

7 2015 05 30 1021 peony DSCN7156 jpg sig

8 2015 05 30 241 foxgloves at the shop DSCN7231 jpg sig

But the compact foxgloves I found later were lined up in a flower shop in town at £7.99 (one per pot)… and that’s where they stayed!

9 2015 05 30 545 bird sky morning DSCN7082 jpg sig

6.00 am sky.
Overcast tonight

Gill McGrath© diary. May 30

feeling it in slow time

so who cares where the sun is
when you are sitting at a  dark window
your paws sadly resting on the sill
waiting for that someone
grey clouds gathering
and its looking quite a bit like rain?
2015 04 22 looking out the window jpg sig
Can you see him waiting in the window?
2015 04 22 bird on a nest jpg sig
Can you see her, sitting all day on her nest?
2015 04 22 dark cloud and bird jpg sig
And look at him, now its evening, eyes fixed on the dark clouds wondering if it will thunder…..
2015 04 22 bath jpg sig

…that’s when …  the nesting lady takes her chance!

Gill McGrath© April 22. 7.00 pm ~~

2015 04 22 sunset 2 jpg sig

Update: Late sunset here  with clear skies and a bit of color 8.40 pm ~ and a moon!