36 thoughts on “September is…. A fallowing~

      1. We’ve had a lot of harvestmen spiders in the last few weeks, they trip the alarms occasionally (webs on the sensors) but you’re right, few wasps so far. Soon be frosts!


      2. We get a lot of crows around the grassy places here so they may have eaten the harvestmen hiding there. Not one seen yet! Wasps are hanging off some of the high up figs on the tree( we have hundreds ripening all the time and pick a bowl every day) but not one wasp in the house! The thought of frosts ….(ouch!)


      3. You must be in a fairly mild pocket for figs…. surrounding gardens are minimalist here, so little to attract wasps.


      4. Its in’ sunlight’ all day from morn till night(given the sun coming out in the first place!) If I chopped it down and placed a deck chair there in theory I could sit out there all day in the sun! It produces a huge crop every couple of years……quite a good trade off for the space it takes up! Gorgeous sweet things.


      5. I once had a posh meal at the Royal College of Physicians the week after Diana was there (no less) and was served baked figs with raspberry coulis – I can still taste them…..!! You have any more pics of them, Gill?


    1. Hi Nia ….I will try and find planet X. The sun (when it appears on time above any cloud ) is right outside my window at the moment…. and faraway, but it would be in sight if it is there!


  1. catching the best of the sun as ever Gill!! Terrific tones – and btw few wasps here too – most are down the pub downing the lagers


  2. I’d love to see exactly the same shot taken at a specific time every day for a year so we could see the change in the seasons. It looks so idyllic now and earlier on in your summer and I expect it to look great in midwinter.
    Fantastic shots.


    1. Thanks Suchled. Funny, I have been doing that specifically, coming on two years now, although they dont go on here in any shape or form. It started as a bit of a fascination now its more of a note book of raw files (requiring cataloging) still in progress and an obsession. Its a pedestrian process come whether its raining or shining. If you imagined each shot as a framed picture it would need a huge set of walls to take them all possibly a sky scraper….. and they are all different and also rather monotonous actually, and a sort of special achievement depending which way you look at it/them.


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