15 thoughts on “time to dance ~

    1. Thanks Suchled. There are a lot of old knitted jumpers round here! Only the odd field not ‘done’ By the way I am signed up to your ‘new’ blog…and. hoping all the links you have for all of them get ‘to AND from’ your gravatar XX.


  1. I really enjoyed these photos and poem a lot, Gill. You captured the season well, from the baling, to the cutting lines, the sun colors, and the crows going in for the fresh cut seeds. Lovely. 😀


  2. Thanks Nexi~ this is a peaceful field nearby,machinery stopped so quiet you can here the buzzie flies and not much else….. However at home its another tune…. we are knocking down old sheds and sorting out stuff, disposing of stuff and generally prettying up and….. . Not really any time to stand and stare!! …, Take care X


  3. Enchanting poem, Gill, and your pictures remind me of the decade we had a 3-acre field, cut and baled late summer for its sweet-smelling organic hay; we gave it to neighbours for their livestock — horses, cattle and, latterly, sheep — particularly welcome on the Preselis during inclement winters.

    Now we’re content to see it happen in the Usk valley outside town, though we do miss the scent of new-mown hay from ‘our’ field.


    1. Thanks so much Chris for your appreciation…… and the lovely story of your once upon a time field.I already have the vision of your surroundings covered in a beautiful blanket of snow, but I am so pleased that your move to new surroundings sounds equally lovely! 🙂

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