24 thoughts on “A bite out of the apple

  1. Oh I really like the cheerful autumnal post here, Gill. I really appreciate your embrace of each season and each day. My favorite photo here is the abundant apple tree. Delightful. 🙂


  2. I would so love to share this at House, but I am finding that readers are not going to the original like they used to …laziness has set in. I recently found that with my last reblog! Many hugs.


      1. You’re too sweet, they used to be good about going to the original, but lately they are just too lazy….dodges tomatoes!!


  3. I posted pictures of quinces but they are less sharp than your apples.
    I liked to see the photo of sunflower in seed and above this heliopsis helelianthemum, ( to verify ) in bloom
    Love ❤


      1. Last year I posted about this flower on your second photo,, on Xanga . After a long time of research with a flora I found Heliopsis heliantoides or helianthemum ( I made a typing mistake in the comment above )


  4. RYc : about the hollyhock: yes this beautiful flower grows everywhere . Once I bought a pack of seeds for my garden and a few years after all of the neighborhood has hollyhock in the gardens !! 🙂


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