8 am. today : Hiya Moon!

2104 10 10 bloodied moon no more jpg sig
Bloodied moon
Who played away
Across the sea
The other day
~ Caught you!
Sitting here!
Watching me play
In the late morning mist again~
There you were
Between the green
Looking bright
And quite serene~
Laughing so sweetly(..And you’d been around all night!)
Gill McGrath ©

A belated ode to the ‘bloody’ moon eclipse Oct 8 I could only see on a screen
2014 10 12 moon on computer with me snapping jpg sig

HOT NEWS. Batman puts kitty back! And averts disaster.

HOT NEWS. Batman puts kitty back! And averts disaster.

The electric wires called ‘cat’ were ‘live and dangerous’ after all. If touched it would have killed, the man said.But it had taken three days to convince emergency that they must come and fix it; that we must not be ignored. The falling clump of wires….’the cat’….. was now reachable and interesting enough for any child at the height of a six year old. But it took three intense days to convince the call centre that the wires that had now come down in driving rain on new years night, and had a yellow notice (still strung onto it) which said dangerous, live wires! We nearly began to believe things were OK, that we might be over egging the situation; that the wires must be safe after all. We were even told in cool tones that people without electricity took preference at this time. But things weren’t OK. Someone could have been electrocuted. Batman said so. We thank Batman and assistant who came and fixed it and who couldn’t believe how long our dangerous wait had been!

You can see what the ‘cat’ looked like before it came down, if you press the small thumbnail in ‘dark side of light’ (page 1 )and you can also see what the yellow notice said ( close up) in the ‘ the cat has gone'(page 2). Both found at the top in the introduction bar at: dark side of light

2014 The first flower ‘soreal not plastic’

New year resolutions I must keep:Image

Chuck out all the stuff in my  cosmetic bag and buy a whole lot of new colours .

Not to worry too much about anything. Things usually work out well enough if you hang on long enough, so I will remember to hang on.

Keep  writing the diary every day in longhand. Never edit, or look at it again once the page is turned.

I promise to watch family antics with humour and love, only butting in  if needed or asked ( but let me know in good time please)