2014 The first flower ‘soreal not plastic’

New year resolutions I must keep:Image

Chuck out all the stuff in my  cosmetic bag and buy a whole lot of new colours .

Not to worry too much about anything. Things usually work out well enough if you hang on long enough, so I will remember to hang on.

Keep  writing the diary every day in longhand. Never edit, or look at it again once the page is turned.

I promise to watch family antics with humour and love, only butting in  if needed or asked ( but let me know in good time please)

4 thoughts on “2014 The first flower ‘soreal not plastic’

  1. Love the family antics part. Mmmmmm I can smell that photograph from here. Gotta go get me one of those today. Have a really great New Years Eve ! Take care Gill see you in 2014


    1. Hi there, That little plant grew so quickly. It smells so delicious.It actually smells like pink. So its seems like some sort of symbol for a good new year to come. It would be worth getting one! Have a lovely New Years Eve and see you again next year. Gill


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