23 thoughts on “sun falling

  1. This recalls me a precise memory from yesterday. I was working hard in the veggie garden and i got a sore back . I had to sit in a garden chair and I had in front o f me the show you offer to us . And I was also warmed by the the heat of the latest rays of the sun . I was like completely transformed and transported elsewhere , thinking of God.
    Love ❤


    1. Hello Michel. It sounds just the same here as it was for you last night. The sun glowed warm orange wrapped in soft white cloud all the way….so it was soft and visible without straining the eyes…. A warm wonderful extended and special sunset. ❤


    1. Thanks Julie!….The sun was pretty scrumptious that evening…. but the photos only give a vague impression of what was … You could look at it straight on because of the cloud cover( without fear of eye damage) so the sun really did look eatable …. like an orange floating in meringue. If I knew a bit more about filters ( and actually had some !) I believe these shots would have been a lot better . I will have to read up! Thanks for seeing the ‘delicious’ ! xxx

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      1. I really want to do filters, no idea where to start. I think I miss quite a bit not using them. I want to capture the’orange’ globe that happens sometimes. It just goes white the way I do things ❤

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