take care just here on the stinging edge…..

2015 10 25 stinging edge DSCN8560.jpg sig
when you look up
and see
the flight path lines
the wings
the flying things
….you might just disturb the spiders!
2015 10 25 flight path 657 DSCN8485.jpg sig

2015 10 25 lines wings flight path 657 DSCN8476.jpg sig
[part of the sunrise this morning at 7]
Gill McGrath© October 25 freezing cold


22 thoughts on “take care just here on the stinging edge…..

    1. Hi Michel. Yes the stinging nettles guard so many small living things like a mini ecosystem. Such an unlikely beautiful home for the things that move in! Thanks so much for your (always) lovely words! ❤


  1. Oh, lovely indeed…are those birds flying south ? I imagine the tiny (and not so tiny) creatures disturbed by footsteps so early in the morning 🙂


    1. Hi Holly. The birds (round here) always start flying across the sun first thing towards the east from the south. You can tell on most mornings that the sun is about to appear (if it does) by the birds doing this and then I do a bit of dashing about. The birds even do the same excited flight if the sun has to climb a lot of cloud to make a slightly later appearance.They make a lot of noise and make chase.Now, this is my simple observation on the local birds~ they may do something different elsewhere! It seems I really chase birds rather than the sun, but they go too fast to ‘shoot’usually! Don’t laugh! As far as little creatures the big spiders at the moment are more likely to be trying to overwinter in the houses right now. And this morning I disturbed a load of pheasants as well as partridges by the nettles who spread over the field. They are very hard to photograph. You hear them rather than see them. Otherwise its getting cold and the old stinging nettles on the edge of the field mean its best to wear high boots … wellies and gloves(not forgetting a coat of course!) love Gill xxx

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      1. I will have to listen out for the birds in case they are telling me something, first I will need to get up earlier! Such a beautiful and exciting regimen Gill, it really is such a lovely tale, I can picture you in your boots and gloves in the chilly crack of dawn…be careful out there… yes, indeed the spiders will be looking for inhouse shelter and the squirrels will be romping over my roof hoping to find a way into the attic, abandoning the (i’ve counted) 7 gigantic nests in the Live Oak. Here comes winter! love, Holly xxx


      2. Oh Holly how lovely. What a wonderful photo opportunity that sounds…. squirrels! (probably not in the house) but all those nests!!… you will be able to party with all those little guys underneath the trees when it snows…. sigh!

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      3. They are all over the place, so cute eating the hard berries that fall from the trees, we will have no snow, but some trees will shed (not the evergreens of course) and they run around in the dry leaves, I hear them up there…a big thud and then scampering around above me. If they get into the attic I will have a huge problem, ha! they love to eat insulation. Take care girl friend.


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