out there at 7 trying not to disturb the birds……

1 2015 10 27 morning pheasants DSCN8562.jpg sig
….suddenly a noisy scurrying from the edge
and a group of partridge ran and settled in the middle of the field
two pheasant felt far enough away on the fence and stared
a robin sang his song in the tree until he was ready to fly off…
2  2015 10 27 morning pheasants DSCN8563.jpg sig

3 2015 10 27  morning pheasants DSCN8576_1.jpg sig

4 2015 10 27 morning birdie DSCN8790.jpg sig

5 2015 10 27 morning birds DSCN8787.jpg sig

6  2015 10 27 morning birds DSCN8798.jpg sig

7 2015 10 27  morning DSCN8805.jpg sig
Gill McGrath© morning of October 25 diary


22 thoughts on “out there at 7 trying not to disturb the birds……

      1. That first one and the one with pheasants could be large posters….or part of a calendar. Have you entered any competitions? i.e. the Country File (BBC 1 TV) annual. Hope you enjoy a lovely day….Janet. xxx

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  1. Gill, I so enjoyed this post. All the creatures you started your day with, and such a lovely sunrise and beautiful company. Each bird, each photo — so peaceful and content.


    1. Thank you Jet . I disturbed them and was as surprised as they were. Luckily they didn’t disappear out of sight to soon and didn’t seem to mind me in the end! A dangerous game they play…. as they are already named on the menu in local inns and hotels! xxx


    1. Yes that’s about it. I could hear the birds twittering on the edge of the field where they were pecking around for food under cover. Suddenly they were aware of me and ran into the field and continued what they were doing a little further away quite happily! Peace prevailed and I was able to take the photos, but it was cold so I was soon home! Love Gill ❤

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  2. don’t disturb da’ birdz…. dats a funny an kewl one 🙂 …i do da same thing a lot.. but sumtimes i can’t help but disturb da birds when i fly lol. anyhow they settle down as soon as i get out of thier airspace ..hehe. kewl one.!post it here that is 🙂 Q


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