just a light arrangement

2015 10 28 door apples DSCN8914.jpg sig

~notice~take care

there is light in the berries that fall on the sidewalk
where the apples still hang on to the wall
where it stitches the leaves into tapestry
and shines through  the greenhouse
on shadows of gold
and draws on the window  ~
in some kind of scrawl!

2  2015 10 28  apples on offer to take in basket on rails  DSCN8964 sig

3  2015 10 28 leaf tapestry DSCN8925.jpg sig

4  2015 10 29  tapestry DSCN8863.JPG 1.JPG 3.jpg sig

5 2015 10 29 tapestry shining through DSCN8863.JPG 2.jpg sig

6  2015 10 29 greenhouse  DSCN8867.jpg sig

7 2015 10 29 drawing wire  DSCN8867.JPG detail.jpg sig

2015 10 28  bucket DSCN8965.jpg sig
Gill McGrath© October 29


19 thoughts on “just a light arrangement

  1. a scrawl with all of the colors of the times of the year, of the decade .
    About the bucket I knrw a neighbor who wrote the same wordq on a baskets of apples put on the fence at the sidewalk.
    Inspired pictures ,Gill
    Love ❤

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