18 thoughts on “inside out

    1. Wind is howling out there and we are all battened up . Expecting it to go on a bit. Have candles too in case of power cuts, a feature of this time of year ! Thanks for your appreciation here Janet. Take care ❤ xxx

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  1. It’s such fun when a pic can be enlarged. I noticed the ubiquitous Coke bottles behind the old bloke in the hivis jacket. He’s got sumething on his mind. And four cups of takeaway coffee and waiting ten minutes for the bus to Witney & Oxford.


      1. That one was taken from a bus window back in the summer so it is actually through two glass windows. It is really an action shot. …. bus on move. Not sure how it got that reflection though . It must have had a lit up notice inside the cafe on bus times and due times as it is near a bus stop.


  2. Great recorded moments of life, Gill. Your title got me thinking about that concept of being inside looking out, like what we do everyday out of our own eyes. You always get me thinking, Gill…. 😀


    1. thanks Jet. These three pics finally came together as one piece over three months! To me they all seemed to be ‘inside and outside ‘ at once in one way or another hence the common title . Thanks so much for your appreciation Jet xxxxxxxx

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