20 thoughts on “it’s a kissing tree!

      1. I didn’t know that, amazing! I love mistletoe, the fresh christmasy smell of it! Or is it the other way around! xxx!


      1. It actually sends out tendrils.and to the roots of surrounding plants. it can go over 100 metres in all directions so when many trees look a bit dry the mistletoe is doing well.


      2. wow that is amazing. I have no idea if the mistletoe here does that (send tendrils/ roots through the tree) but there is one huge tree I have seen this year smothered with clumps all over it, not quite as much as in your photo, but it looks as if the tree knows its!!! there!


    1. Happy Monday Janet! And what a year for mistletoe in these parts!!! If you aren’t near the shops with all the glitz the mistletoe lets you know what time of year it is. Love Gill xxxx


  1. LOVED the title, which I saw first and wondered, What tree could this be? Then when the kissing tree appeared on my screen — voila, filled with mistletoe. Gave me a big smile. 😀


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