26 thoughts on “Rough duck~ smoothing the feathers

  1. Georgeos shot…a Mallard, no? My favorite. We have Muskovees here, they are quite unattractive and a general nuisance, but they did come first…sweet little guys. I should not feed them, they come in droves.


    1. Thank you Holly ! Yes that’s a Mallard. The most common duck in the land! But they are sweet and hang around in small groups mostly where they can get fast food… and sort of sulk if you haven’t got any!!!. They are very good-natured and entertaining ❤

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      1. A friend of mine from Wisconsin, where they are quite prolific, sculpted a mallard for me out of cedar. I have misplaced it in my many moods. He is amazingly gifted with sculpting.


      2. it was very intricate, the feathers, eyes, everything, I hope to find it again among the boxes in my garage.


  2. This mallard is called in French “canard colvert ” ( green neck ).
    Tour photo are amazing especially the first with the lot of touches oc colors, the reflections and the contrasts
    Love ❤


  3. I laughed and laughed at the sequence and words of this post, Gill. “Brushing up nicely” instead of “dressing up nicely” was funny enough, great mallard colors and posture, and then the next photo in the sequence: sitting pretty and all done grooming. Lovely realistic sequence of one of my favorite ducks. 😀


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