Kite Song

2014 05 10 i wish I could fly Kite jpg sig
I wish I could fly (press to see). It has been stuck up there since last summer and has been there for all to see in the bare branches all winter. No one can get it down although we did try. But it has seen every sunrise from there ever since. So weighing against the restraints of where it is utterly stuck, to the prize place where it can play with the moon and the stars and even count cars up there it can’t be that unhappy! So there it stays. We photograph it from time to time and compare leaves. It has become a piece of art! Still wishes it could fly though…..
2014 0509 UFO or the snail with aspirations to fly jpg sig
and another one that thinks it can fly but is dynamically challenged and will just have to settle for sliding up glass. And would you believe it it keeps doing this! press the pic to max and find a bird. Snail is flying higher! Β He is either believing he can do this or he is about to disappear.I wanted to make out this was a UFO or an owl or … stuck on snail though!.

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